Braxton McAllister


Stunt Performer

Black Belt Martial Artist
Specialties - Fight Choreographer, Martial Arts,

Tricking, Wrecking, Filming, & Editing.




Stunt Phone

Michaela McAllister


Stunt Performer

Former NCAA Champion Gymnast

Specialties - Acrobatics, Fight Choreography,

Wire Work, Fire Burns, & Positivity.




Stunt Phone

A husband and wife TEAM that wants to help bring

ACTION from your MIND to the SCREEN.

Braxton McAllister has a Black Belt in Karate, trained in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and MMA. He speaks fluent Chinese (Cantonese) and has dedicated his life to STUNTS. He is skilled at Tricking, Parkour, and Choreography. Braxton will help your vision come to life. 

Michaela McAllister is a former NCAA gymnast that finished TOP 50 in the All Around rankings of the United States. She jumped right into stunts in 2015. Throughout her stunt career she has trained Martial Arts (Karate, Muay Thai), Fire work, Scuba Diving, Wire Work, and Dog Attacks! She continues to love her career as a stunt woman and working side by side with her husband. 


We love creating action for film! 

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