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WHAT is going on with the MCALLISTERS

That's a wrap! We just finished our BIGGEST movie together. We had the privilege to work with and double for some really amazing A-LIST actors and actresses! We are very excited. We made a really cool new stunt family working with the coolest stunt coordinator Rob Alonzo He picked the greatest people to get to work together with. Wire work, knife fighting, crashing through breakaways, car wrecks, being on fire, ratchets, shooting guns, and so much more all for the most part firsts for me on this show. What a crazy, fun experience. The last three weeks of the show Braxton came on to double one of the leads as well. We got to work together almost everyday. It was a hard, long, rough, amazing, nerve-racking, and a challenging, experience but I am so lucky to have this opportunity! So thankful!! Just went to my first official wrap party at Los Globos and we had such a fun time partying it up and dancing the night away. I can't wait to see what is next for us on the movie train. We have lived in LA for one whole year now and it is so exciting to see what we have accomplished in such a short time. Here are some pictures of us and friends, unfortunately we can't put up anything from the movie yet! TTYS ❤︎

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